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At Xirco we provide a range of technical and managerial services to help your business deliver IT and business projects on time and on budget, but also to ensure your existing IT systems are performing at optimum levels. Our consultants and technicians have a number of industry and vendor specific accreditations and have extensive experience working with vendors and suppliers across a number of business sectors.

Xirco is markedly different to most IT partners in that technical advice is not limited to scheduled or pre-planned consultancy work undertaken by staff assigned to specific IT Infrastructure and development projects. From the onset of our engagement, all clients are given access to high quality technical advice and we assume the responsibility of your own technical expert. Your contact will act as an account manager, sounding board and partner and will ensure the right resources are allocated where necessary. We are always delighted to assist clients with a wide range of ‘internal’ IT matters, which can often include:

  • IT contract assessments
  • Vendor negotiations
  • Technical solution assessments
  • Infrastructure audits
  • Software licence audits and administration
  • Legal issues

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