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    Business analysis, design and implementation
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Whether there is a requirement to reduce costs, improve productivity, streamline processes or simply to renew existing infrastructure, ensuring that requirements have been adequately assessed is critical. It is this phase of an IT project that is so often overlooked, resulting in implementations that are over budget, overly complicated or simply not fit for purpose. Using the services of our consultants to undertake system and process analysis has a number of distinct advantages over doing it in house:

  • Independent consultants can be free to undertake interviews, audits and analysis without constraints brought about by internal politics or pressure.
  • External experts can often bring new insight to a problem area and can even highlight issues not previously identified at a senior level.
  • Accreditations gained by our consultants ensure that best practice is used at all times.
  • The structured and methodical manner used to complete analysis ensures that adequate and proper documentation is produced for all prospective suppliers.

We have extensive experience in undertaking both simple and complex IT and business projects, ranging from single site IT hardware implementations though to multi-site, multi-departmental business process re-engineering projects requiring multiple partners. We will be happy to engage at any stage of a project lifecycle.

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