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High quality IT Management is at the core of Xirco’s service offering. Whether or not IT Support services are provided by us, we can provide a dedicated high-level IT Manager to assist you at all levels of the business.

If you would benefit from having an experienced board-level manager to assist on strategic direction but simply do not have the resources to recruit in-house, Xirco can provide those services seamlessly at a time and frequency to suit you. By ensuring that we intimately understand your business, Xirco can ensure you make the right decisions and select the best strategic IT partners. We will also manage and advise 3rd party relationships for you – taking away the pain of managing multiple IT partners.

Senior staff within Xirco only undertake the role of IT Manager for a select number of businesses – ensuring that focus can be given to the needs of existing clients and maintain a high level of understanding of existing projects and pressures at any given time. This is not a reactive role, and as such it is critical that a level of trust is established over time in order that the client feels that the IT Manager has been fully absorbed into their business.


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