• System Monitoring

    Proactive IT system monitoring and maintenance
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Ongoing monitoring of system performance is critical in order to minimise downtime and facilitate proactive management across an IT Infrastructure.

Xirco is in partnership with a number of leading software vendors and provides industry-leading monitoring and reporting software as a standard part of the service offering. Taking corrective action before issues negatively affect your business, Xirco can ensure that your IT Infrastructure performs at optimum levels and resolve problems before you even know you have them.

Automated monitoring of your systems can include any or all of your IT infrastructure, dependent upon the complexity of your business. This can include:

  • Antivirus monitoring
  • Software monitoring
  • Office 365 monitoring
  • SNMP
  • Network monitoring
  • Patch management
  • Remote printer management
  • Remote background checks
  • Service monitoring
  • Mobile device management


By monitoring systems in this way, Xirco is able to find and fix faults in the minimum amount of time and disruption. Most can be fixed without any intervention at all from the user – reducing downtime and costs to your business.


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