• IT Policy creation

    IT & Security Policy and Procedure development
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Many businesses employ multi-layered security systems containing network instruction detection, firewalls, anti-virus and encryption, yet fail to back this up with appropriate measures to inform and educate the business IT users. A security system needs to include technical measures that assist with protecting critical assets, but must also address the vital elements of staff education and adherence to company policy to ensure these measures are effective.

Xirco will work with you to review and develop a suite of policies and procedures to best suit your business. Whist the breadth would be dependent on the complexity of IT systems and business operations, these would typically include:

  • Password policies
  • Hardware and software acquisition policies
  • Account management procedures
  • Physical security policies
  • Access controls and privileges
  • Social media policies
  • Remote access policies
  • Encryption policies
  • Email policies


Xirco will also work with your business to develop a comprehensive education programme to ensure that policies and procedures are suitably enforced and that staff at all levels are appropriately aware of risks to the business.

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