• Security Assessments

    Technical and administrative security advisory
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Undertaking security assessments should be a regular and key part of IT security precautions. They assist in understanding and quantifying the risks to your business and enable you to quantify the potential consequences.

Xirco will work with you to appropriately define a scope of works and manage any or all aspects of the assessment process. Whether you want a broad assessment of your overall security posture, or a focused analysis of procedural, physical or network security operations, Xirco is well positioned to identify the most appropriate methodologies and where appropriate select and manage assessment partners.

Whilst many providers will simply provide an initial assessment, Xirco will recommend appropriate safeguards to ensure that identified risks and vulnerabilities can be addressed. Through our network of fully accredited testing partners, solution providers and accreditation bodies, we ensure we can offer a comprehensive suite of security assessments and solutions to businesses of all sizes.

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