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The definition and required content of a disaster recovery plan is an unknown to many and the steps involved can be confusing. Nevertheless, with some technical assistance and a level of understanding of risk and available mitigation strategies, they are a simple concept to understand.

Despite their criticality, the number of businesses that do not have adequate recovery plans - particularly in the small business sector - is quite staggering. Even within the community who have them, many become unfit for purpose following business change and a lack of review.

Contrary to belief, an IT disaster recovery plan is not a backup tape, nor it an assumption that because part of your infrastructure is outsourced that it is not your problem. It is a subset of an overarching business continuity plan developed to ensure your business survives in the event of a disaster – irrespective of where you data and services are held.

Xirco will work closely with you to identify and assess the relevant company IT assets, environmental factors and risks associated with your business, and assist in providing sound disaster recovery and business continuity plans and solutions - be they technical, organisational or procedural. Realistic and practical measures can be defined, sought, documented and tested – covering disasters from a single server outages right through to a major flood or fire.

Where additional hardware, software and services are required, Xirco work with a number of trusted partners who provide cost effective high availability solutions, including:

  • Secure online data backup
  • Hosted and on-site replication solutions
  • Email contingency
  • High availability 3rd party hosting
  • Hosted telephony and PABX

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