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    Prince2 certified project management & delivery
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Irrespective of the complexity and cost associated with an IT project, solid project management undertaken in a structured and well documented manner is critical to success. Using experienced and certified consultants from Xirco, you will save considerable time and effort. Your project manager will undertake the time consuming and often complex challenge of coordinating all partners, processes and sub-components in order to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget. Our project managers are Prince II certified, but unlike many project managers who are not technical and can simply serve to add an additional layer of cost on a project, we ensure we understand all aspects of a project in detail.

A Xirco project manager will:

  • Lead the project from conception though to implementation
  • Fully document all timescales, milestones, risks and progress
  • Complete functional and technical specification work for a number of audiences
  • Ensure project status is available to all stakeholders via shared online planning tools and automated alerting
  • Take a hand on technical approach with vendors and suppliers
  • Ensure the correct resources are assigned and costs are managed
  • Structure the documentation and management process in a way that best suits your business

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