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    Independant supplier and Vendor Analysis
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Many well planned projects fail as a result of poor or misjudged vendor selection. Sales teams can promise the earth, but subsequent technical and implementation teams can fail to deliver.

Xirco’s vendor assessment services are designed to reduce the risk to your business, ensuring that you are selecting a solid, reliable partner. Dependent upon the complexity and risk associated with a project or service, Xirco will assess a number of aspects of the 3rd party business and products. We have also found that implementation costs can be reduced – simply by having a knowledgeable technical contact representing you, asking the right questions, and ensuring that you are adequately prepared for the project.

We regularly undertake vendor assessments using means such as:
  • Site visits to premises and facilities
  • Product assessments
  • Financial assessments
  • Assessment of market presence & customer references
  • Adherence to statutory regulations and applicable quality standards.

The primary objective is to ensure that the vendor selected is the right fit for your business, and with an increasing number of trusted partners ourselves, Xirco may have the perfect partner or vendor for you already – saving you cost, time and effort.

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