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    business and IT strategic alignment
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Setting and implementing a strategic IT plan need not be complicated. Nevertheless, major business failings are attributed to poor alignment of IT strategic plans with the goals of a business, not completing plans at the right time, and failing to review them. A good plan, if given adequate attention and regular review, should be conceptually simple, succinct and should contain the following components:

  • Agreement of the business objectives
  • Assessment of the ability of IT related systems, services and resources to meet those needs
  • How to address any failings or gaps identified
  • How decisions will be made and progress measured.
  • Review periods

However, undertaken correctly, a good strategic plan can do so much more than simply setting objectives for specific IT development work. Strategic planning should ensure that people across all levels of the business can contribute towards a document that adequately identifies what is happening within a business, the market, and how best to take advantage of subsequent opportunities. It should give a clear picture of what choices need to be made and where the priorities lie. IT can often be the ultimate delivery mechanism to facilitate achievement, but a well distributed plan should result in focus and buy-in from the business at all levels.

Staff at Xirco have worked in senior IT managerial positions extensively for many years, and have expertise in strategic planning for small businesses through to international public limited companies. Involving Xirco at this level, beyond the capabilities of traditional IT support partners, can assist you to achieve the growth that may otherwise be hindered by technological or IT resource restrictions.

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