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Sensible IT security measures go well beyond having an antivirus solution and a firewall, yet many small and medium sized businesses are slow to acknowledge risks to their business. It often takes a serious security incident to take place before there is an acceptance that they are a potential target.

The reality is that no security system can be 100% effective and humans are often be the weakest link. A policy enforcing complex passwords is worthless if those passwords are commonly shared or never changed, and software that prohibits the use of removal media is of limited value if all staff can print without restriction and leave sensitive information on desks. A poorly implemented security solution can produce little more value than not having one at all.

Xirco take a holistic approach to security and will work with you to identify the risks to your business – both externally and internally. Practical policies can be developed, backup by additional technical solutions where necessary, that strike a sensible and informed balance between security and productivity.

Some of the specific elements Xirco can provide include:

  • Physical Security assessments
  • Vulnerability testing
  • Penetration Testing
  • Policy auditing and creation
  • Cyber essentials accreditation
  • Cloud software solutions
  • Data loss prevention software

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